workshop on non-linear thinking with Diana Montalion

This is a sketchnote of the workshop. The content is described in the text below.

I had the opportunity to join a workshop with Diana Montalion and did a little sketchnote during her presentation.

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try "YES AND"

Instead of saying "NO" immediately, try improv theater. They use a technique where you always say "Yes, and...".

linear to non-linear thinking

In order to change the way you think, you need to understand HOW you think first.

Recommendations to find out how you think:

  1. Journaling 🖋️ — It helps to watch your thinking process. It helps to structure your thoughts.
  2. Make recommendations based on valid reasons — More about systemic reasoning below
  3. Use the iceberg model to understand what causes your reactions — It's based on patterns, structures and finally mental models.

systemic reasoning

A recommendation can be an idea, an action or a theory. Your recommendation should be based on valid reasons if you want others to give it a try.

strengthen your reasons

This is best done together. Qualities to create strong and valid reasons:

  1. RELIABLE — Is my reason true and justified?
  2. RELEVANT — Why does it matter now?
  3. STRONG — Is it well-defined and sufficient?
  4. COHESIVE — inference and convincing

Let others help you question your reasons using the Yes AND technique.